Q&AFrequently Asked Questions


How far in advance can you make a booking?
You can book up to 6 months in advance.
When do cancellation fees occur?
When canceling a completed booking, fees will occur based on the following policy.
For information, please check your reservation.

14 Days Before 20% of Accommodation Fee
7 Days Before 50% of Accommodation Fee
2 Days Before 100% of Accommodation Fee
The Day of 100% of Accommodation Fee
Cancellation Without Notice 100% of Accommodation Fee
If my flight is cancelled because of a hurricane or for a similar reason, what will happen with my accommodation fee?
Your cancellation will be free.


What is the check in and check out times?
Check in is from 15:00 and check out is until 11:00.
I may need to delay my check in time.
We can accommodate this, so please contact us with your arrival time.
Is home delivery an option?
Yes, that’s an option. Please speak with the concierge.
Is the parking garage free?
Yes, you can use it for free.
Are there nearby convenience stores or grocery stores?
It’s not walkable, but you can drive there in 10 minutes.
Can I access internet here?
We provide free Wi-Fi.
Does the room have any lounging clothing?
Yes, it does. We have provided pajamas and a bathrobe.
We don’t provide child sized clothing, so please bring your own.


I’d like to get dinner, what should I do?
You need an advanced booking for dinner.
Please contact the restaurant by phone or email if you would like to make a booking.
Can they accommodate for food allergies?
Yes, they can. Please talk to the concierge about this.
Can I buy alcohol.
Yes. We can provide you with it. We are stocked with beer and wine. Please look at the Room Guide for more information on what’s sold.
Is there ice?
Yes, it’s already in the refrigerator.


Please tell me haw to pay the accommodation fee.
The following credit cards are possible in advance settlement.
credit card
Please tell me how to pay the accommodation fee at the site.
In local settlement , settlement with the following credit card and electronic money is possible.
Credit card
credit card
Electronic money
electronic money
Can I use a foreign currency or traveler’s cheque?
We do apologize; however, we cannot accept those at this facility.
Online Booking

Phone Number for Booking:0980-43-0343(9:30 to 18:00)

Online Booking

Reservation Tel. 0980 43 0343
Phone Number for Booking